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Monday, October 20, 2014

SMART Cheapest Unli Net Promo: Opera Mini 80 7Days

SMART has release by far the most cheapest mobile internet. This promo is applicable to all mobile devices provided you will only use Opera Mini browsers may it be Android, iPhone or any Apple devices, Symbian phones, or even Java phones. The promo is also valid for 1 week which means you will only spend P320.00 per month. That's a huge savings if your onto browsing mode only.

Smart Big Bytes: Cheapest Internet Promo P20 a Day

Bitin ba 30MB free ng SMART? Well, of course for the most of us, specially if your fond at gaming and browsing using desktop or Android browsers which consumes a significant bandwidth.

The Big Bytes promo of SMART is recommended for playing games online. For example a single League of Legends match will consume an average of 35MB which means at P20 = 100MB you can play an average of three games much more on online Android/Apple games.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Register Smart Free Internet + Unli Facebook Without Load

Well, everybody knows how to register to SMART unli net + FB promo which is FREE to 9999 but these requires you to have atlest P1.00 remaining balance. Not anymore if you use this trick specially for broadband/pocket wifi users.
smart net 0 load

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Smart International Text Promo: Text-A-Lot 35

Send text messages to your loved ones abroad with Smart Text-A-Lot 35. For as low as P35, you can now send messages international for as low as P0.50 per text.
Connect with them and share your feelings in every text messages you sent.
You can send 70 total of text messages, and that is valid for 1 whole day.

Smart Promo Call, Text & Music 15

Looking for new Smart Prepaid promo this 2014? Here's for you.

The new Smart Call, Text & Music 15 promo. For as low as P15, you can now enjoy sending 150 free texts to all networks and 5 minutes worth of calls to your Smart and TNT friends plus you can stream unlimited music/songs on Spinnr for 1 whole day, NO WIFI needed! 
Unlimited songs, anywhere you go!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Smart Group CHATTXT: Registration and Guides

Create your own group chat!
With new CHATTXT from SMART, you can now create your own group and send messages and chats to your best buddies anytime, anywhere. No wifi needed!
Want to know how it works? It's easy! Follow some instructions below. 
Smart Group CHATTXT

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Smart Unli Call 20: Unli Calls + Twitter + Internet + Text to all Networks 1 Day

Another affordable offer to all Smart Prepaid Subscribers. New Unli Call 20. For as low as P20, you can now enjoy your unlimited calls to your Smart and TNT friends, plus send unlimited tweets on your Twitter
Not only that, you have 15MB free data to surf and browse the internet plus 20 free texts to all networks, for only P20, valid for 1 whole day! Call and tweet all you want!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SMART Unli Internet Promo For P15

Good news to SMART subscribers, fellow Symbianize members have found a way to register to a legit SMART promo for as low as P15.00 only for a day and P299.00 for 30 days and so on. One great deal on this promo is that it has no capping, no bandwidth trottling, yes truly unlimited for a cheap price. Well then, lets get to the promo code.
SMART unli net 15

Monday, July 28, 2014

SMART 1 Month Internet For 599 Trick

Telco's in the Philippines has a major way in promoting different promos, and they are quite a lot that sometimes its so confusing on which promo are affordable and actually has the same features as the expensive ones. Usually we register for SMART unlimited surf for 1 month at the cost of P999.00 not bad for giving you 1 peso discount. While this trick will only cost P599.00 per month, that's 400 pesos savings.
SMART BlackBerry promo
Yes,  a Blackberry promo but we will use this on Android phones or even iPhones, or even on your laptop or PC using a USB modem.