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Saturday, February 20, 2016

SMART Free Internet LTE Prepaid 2016

SMART free internet is here! Using ProNet version 10.10 you can have free internet using your android phones. Just use it in moderation, do not download big files. Use this free internet for surfing, Youtube, and mobile games. Dahil tandaan, WALANG FOREVER.
free lte internet

Friday, January 29, 2016

SMART 7 Days Internet For P70 Only Promo

If your looking for affordable internet but not a heavy user, then this promo is for you. For only P70.00 per week with 1gb data allowance. Enough for DOTA2 gaming (just don't use for patching), LOL gaming (likewise), and android online games like COC.

How to register:

Sunday, January 3, 2016

SMART SURFMAX Internet Promo 2016

New year, new promos!
This 2016, SMART gives you new internet promo that you'll surely enjoy, anytime, anywhere! The SMART SURFMAX! No need to worry, because this new SMART internet promo is valid in 4G, 3G and even in 2G areas.
Choose your promo now! 
SMART SURFMAX Internet Promo 2016


JANINE fans this promo is for you! Here's the new SMART promo named after your favorite Love Team.
Enjoy unlimited texts to all networks, with minutes of calls and free mobile internet, with James 30 and Nadine 15.

SMART Unli Call & Text Recommended Promos 2016

Celebrate 2016 with a BANG!
Here are some of recommended promo offer from SMART to you this new year! 

SMART Unli Call & Text

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SMART 1 Day International Text iSMS 10

Connect with your family and loved ones abroad for as low as P10! 
SMART International Text ISMS 10

SMART International Text Promo Offer List

Keep in touch and send messages with your family and loved ones in many parts of the world by SMART International text offers! Your simple "Hi", "Hello" or "Miss you" will surely reached them!
SMART International Text Promo

SMART International Call Promo Offer List

Mga Ka-SMART Buddies, call your family and loved ones abroad with SMART's affordable international call promo services! Make calls and share your special
moments with your loved ones. Mahaba haba at sulit na tawagan mga ka-buddies!
SMART International Call Promo

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SMART Unli All Net Texts + Tri-Net Calls + Chat & Surf with UNLI FB for 7 Days

Biggest promo ever! Now you can have unlimited texts, calls with free mobile internet data for chat and surfing plus UNLI FB with SMART All-In-99! Want to learn more?
SMART Unli All Net Texts + Tri-Net Calls + Chat & Surf with UNLI FB 7 Days